Fungeons and Flagons

The Party returned the stolen goods to Uto and the books to Church of The Pantheon. The Elf Vorin Taletreader recieved the goods and offered the party magical aid, and to join their new-found Wizards Guild in return for a favour.

The Party were to go to the old ruinous Elven City of Aina Dor, deserted some 150 years ago due to unknown circumstance. They where to investigate if the evil that drove the High Elves out was still active and to try and find the source of the corruption.

Remie was to be looked after in their absence by the Church, and taken under the care of the Blacksmith Eliza.

The party followed the river north East and then headed south through the forest towards the lost city of Aina Dor.

On their way they encountered, fought and killed a Black Bear as well as two creatures made up of a mass of writhing vines in somewhat humanoid shapes which spoke and attempted to entangle the party in the darkest parts of the forest.


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