Fungeons and Flagons

Episode 4 - Ruins of Aina Dor

The party journeyed into the ruins of Aina Dor, meeting with Milo near the entranceway who helped them fight off a group of ravenous giant spiders that had nested in the ruinous houses.

They made their way towards the large temple in centre of the ruins, facing hoards of risen dead and ancient magics to get to the heart of the temple.

It was here in the heart of the temple where the heroes found that they had been beaten to the room. They arrived just in time to witness two black cloaked men with skull-like masks looting the room. The party made quick destruction of one of the the temple-raiders only for the one in charge to scowl a quick “I would’ve expected better of you” directed at Milo in the party before slitting the throat of his comrade and vanishing into a dark mass.

Episode 3
To Aina Dor

The Party returned the stolen goods to Uto and the books to Church of The Pantheon. The Elf Vorin Taletreader recieved the goods and offered the party magical aid, and to join their new-found Wizards Guild in return for a favour.

The Party were to go to the old ruinous Elven City of Aina Dor, deserted some 150 years ago due to unknown circumstance. They where to investigate if the evil that drove the High Elves out was still active and to try and find the source of the corruption.

Remie was to be looked after in their absence by the Church, and taken under the care of the Blacksmith Eliza.

The party followed the river north East and then headed south through the forest towards the lost city of Aina Dor.

On their way they encountered, fought and killed a Black Bear as well as two creatures made up of a mass of writhing vines in somewhat humanoid shapes which spoke and attempted to entangle the party in the darkest parts of the forest.

Episode 2
Bandits in Argrieve pt. 2

The heroes delved into the bandits hideout behind the “Stinky Rat” tavern in the slums of Argrieve.

To gain entry they convinced the guards they where part of the guild by claiming they where there on behalf of The Wolf on guild business. Flangle also caused a minor tustle between said guards by magically whispering sweet nothings into the ear of one of the guards on behalf on the other guard.

Inside the hideout:
They ventured into a pungent room containing draining cadavers on meat hooks and alchemical equipment. They faught and re-killed some of the cadavers which awoke after the heroes started tampering with the potions on the table. Each of the heroes took 4 unlabelled potions each of unknown affect, One thrown to the ground in the room by Alrica seemed to reverse gravity on the blood it came in contact with briefly before it returned to the floor as normal.

The heroes found the Ox in his hideout, loading up a cart with stolen magical goods. They fought and defeated the Ox with some difficulty and the help of the small human girl who turned out to be the thief who had stolen from the party earlier that day, she named herself to the party as RemieRemie. During the fight Artemis the bard breathed lightning at Oriah much to the party’s surprise.

The party recovered the goods the merchant sent them to retrieve along with some magical equipment from the city of Draconia that they chose to keep for themselves.

Episode 1
Argrieve: Trouble with guilds p1

The party met up in the town of Argrieve.

They stopped two potential robberies in the market district, of a stall keepers goods as well as Artemis’s Money. They saved the goods but the small thief escaped.

The Stall owner Uto promised the heroes a reward if they could retrieve some other missing goods from the guild. They agreed.

The party uncovered the entrance to a hidden lair in the slums of Argrieve after fighting and killing 4 bandits who worked under a guild called “The Fang”, with some mysterious figure called “The Ox” giving orders.


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